Standing Out & 

Being a Leader

by John Eades

How is it possible that some people naturally stand out? What is it that gets certain people recognition and earns them a promotion? What exactly are they doing that you're not?

It turns out successful professionals have a lot in common.  Leadership Expert and Podcast Host John Eades has spent hours interviewing today's leaders and has compiled the collective knowledge to help you fast track in your professional development, the right way!

You'll get an easy to follow framework for standing out and moving up in your professional life. 

  • Be a Follower First
  • Develop Into the Best Version of Yourself
  • Lead by Example

FML Overview

Most Modern Professionals Have No Clue How to Stand Out In Their Organization and Be a Leader. FML Provides an Insightful Look into How to Be More Successful at Work.

Why You Should Care 

The FML Framework

Learn the 3 Well Defined Stages to Standing Out and Leading Others

Gain a Foundation of What Leadership Really is Prior to Ever Leading People

The Modern Myths of Leadership

Getting to a Leadership Position in an Organization Is Paramount to Fulfillment

You Don't Get Told the Truth About Leadership.  Now is the Time.

Principles of Leadership

What People Are Saying:

"John's work has changed my life!!!..."

- Jonathan W.

"...John summarized my career and he has never even met me.."

- Dean F.

"...I can't thank John enough.."

- Caroline C.


John Eades, CEO and Founder of LearnLoft

John is the CEO of LearnLoft and Host of the 'Follow My Lead' Podcast. He is passionate about the development of people. He writes, and speaks about modern leadership and learning techniques. His writing has reached over 500,000 people and he has been featured in Training Industry Magazine,, LinkedIn Pulse, and others.

Fast Track Your Professional Career the Right Way By Using the F.M.L. Framework

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